IV Spanish Arbitration Forum ICC- Ciamen: “Financing, Venue, Specialisation and other challenges of companies facing Arbitration”


RAMCO had the pleasure of being able to participate in the Spanish Forum on ICC CIAMEN Arbitration in which, during two consecutive days, a series of lectures were given on international arbitration and in particular on the arbitration administered by the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The event was organised by the San Pablo-CEU University, through its University Institute of European Studies, and the Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Our Managing Partner Cristina Soler participated in the presentation on “The financing of arbitration proceedings by third parties (“Third party funding”). To what extent is a due diligence of the case recommended before funding, who carries it out and other practical issues”.

Cristina Soler presented the part of the presentation dedicated to the funding parameters and the typology of cases.

The presentation was moderated by lawyer and arbitrator Clifford Hendel.

The conference was also attended by the following speakers:

  • Antono Wesowlosky, lawyer at Wesolwlosky Abogados.
  • Ignacio Delgado Llarena Avellaneda, Therium Representative in Spain
  • Cristina Soler, Managing Partner of Ramco Litigation Funding

Read programme of the event here