Litigation funding can cover some or all the costs of litigation in exchange for a share of the proceeds, only if the claim is successful

Litigation funding allows companies, individuals, and law firms to bring and complete legal proceedings without recourse. In return, the funder assumes the litigation risk and receives a share of the proceeds recovered, only if the claims are upheld.

As each claim is unique, it is essential that funding solutions can be tailored to the needs of the parties involved. Litigation funding should serve to mitigate risk for claimants and facilitate access to justice. It also improves a company’s liquidity and mitigates the accounting impact of litigation, turning costs into an opportunity to generate revenue.

As the market has evolved, the range and sophistication of financing products and structures available has expanded. There is no one size fits all and the above description is funding in its most basic form. Litigation funding has evolved and is used for a wider range of purposes. A recent trend is the development of litigation or arbitration portfolio financing as well as the monetisation of claims, judgments and awards whereby advanced payments are made for the outcome of litigation.

Litigation finance can be useful in various types of proceedings, as well as at various stages of litigation:

  • Individual litigation
  • Litigation portfolios
  • Appeals and Enforcement Proceedings
  • Monetisation of claims and judgments
  • Acquisition of credit rights
  • Law firms

Ramco has been a pioneer in Spain in tailoring the mechanism of litigation funding to the needs and characteristics of the Spanish market due to its knowledge of both the market and the Spanish legal system.

We know the needs of our clients in the Spanish market and we combine creative and flexible solutions and adapt to the needs of our clients.



  • We assess the prospects of success of complex, high-value claims on different matters and at their various stages disputes in an accurate and objective manner.
  • We help our clients to obtain the best resources to face their litigations and arbitrations, in any of their different stages.
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Monetising legal assets across all the world

We provide our bespoke services to a range of clients including corporate clients and law firms..

Ramco has been a pioneer and market leader in developing litigation funding in Spain. Litigation funding can meet some or all of the costs of pursuing the claim in return for a share of the proceeds payable only if the claim is successful.

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Ramco has extensive experience on international arbitration and can offer structures specifically tailored to the particular issues that arise in those cases.

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Ramco has a long track record with regard to funding for group litigation and class actions across a wide variety of jurisdictions for clients who would otherwise be unable to seek redress.

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Monetisation pending claims helps to remove downside risk while monetisation of judgments and awards facilitates the acceleration of enforcement through advance payments to monetise the outcome before its final conclusion.

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We work with law firms to monetise areas of their practice, from financing individual cases, class actions or portfolio cases.

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Monetisation portfolios provides substantial upfront capital by monetising the outcome of the case prior to its completion, allowing the company to maximise the value and profitability of its litigation assets.

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