First Session on Third Party Funding in Arbitration. – Madrid International Arbitration Centre (CIAM)


On 31 March, Cristina Soler, Managing Partner of Ramco, participated as a speaker at the First Session of the Cycle of Sessions organised by the Madrid International Arbitration Centre (CIAM) dedicated to third party funders in arbitration to be held during 2022.

The first session was devoted to the basics of third-party financing and the various types and structures of financing in arbitration, as well as the various steps in the financing process.

It was a pleasure to be part of this event moderated by Ignacio Madalena, lawyer at White & Case, the speakers answered the various questions and reflected on issues such as the possibility of financing defendants as well as law firms,

The event was attended by the following speakers:

  • Charles Demoulin, Director & CIO of Deminor
  • Jesús Rodrigo Lavilla, State Attorney and CEO of Procurator Litigation Advisors.
  • Cristina Soler, Managing Director of Ramco Litigation Funding