Since RAMCO pioneered its establishment in Spain in 2017 as a provider of Litigation Finance solutions, the market has grown exponentially year after year, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. 
In view of the significant development and evolution that Litigation Finance has undergone in recent years in Spain, we believed it necessary to know the opinion of professionals in the legal sector, in order to analyse the situation and trends observed in the market, and to address, among other issues, the degree of knowledge of Litigation Finance, the areas and sectors in which it has been used, the type of cases that have been financed and the degree of satisfaction as well as the reasons for using this figure. 
From the outset, this project was carried out together with LOIS (Legal Operations Institute Studies) and the University of ESADE, with the collaboration of professionals from different areas, in order to reach a very significant sample that would provide the study with high-value market conclusions. 
We believe that we have achieved the objective we set ourselves and we would like to thank LOIS (Legal Operations Institute Studies) and specifically Eugenia Navarro and her team for the excellent work carried out in the most extensive survey on Litigation Finance in the Spanish market (30 questions to 106 professionals in the legal sector). 
We would also like to thank ESADE University for their support, specifically Jorge Castiñeira, Dean of ESADE, Rebeca Carpi, Vice-Dean of ESADE and Natalia Font, Professor of Litigation Law at ESADE.

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